Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc (hereafter called CSR) was founded to help as many Cockers as it possibly could. During the first years of CSR it became apparent that society was discarding Cocker spaniels which were old or had significant health issues.

The board decided to set aside money for “older,” “senior,” or disabled Cocker Spaniels. Not only did the board decide to fund their care but each Golden Aged Cocker needed to have a loving, caring home to live in for the remainder of its days.


The program has evolved over the years and has expanded to covering more of the expenses which come along with disabilities and the aging process. This is a great program for families with limited income or seniors who want an animal but not a puppy.

CSR takes care of the yearly (age appropriate) vaccinations, four grooms per year, and heartworm prevention. CSR also takes care of most major surgeries which may be needed for a Cocker tom maintain an acceptable quality of life. Most of the surgeries necessary are the ear ablation a common problem with chronic ear infections in Cockers.

CSR had 25 full-time cockers and cocker mixes in Golden Age Cocker Retirement during 2016

2016 Golden Age Cocker Retirement Statistical Date

32 Cockers were carried over into January 1, 2016 

9 Cockers came into Retirement during 2016

  • 2 Cockers age 3 and 4 were admitted into Golden Age due to extreme special needs
  • 7 Cockers which entered Golden Age Cocker Retirement were ages 12 to 14 years.

12 Golden Age Cockers passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2016

  • Age 10-1/2 Years = 1
  • Age 11 Years = 2
  • Age 12 Years = 0
  • Age 13 Years = 2
  • Age 14 years old = 6
  • Age 15 = 1

5 Cockers were adopted by their Retirement Families.

January 1, 2017 the Golden Age census was 25

The application for one of the Golden Age Cockers is the same as an adoption for a younger cocker. The only difference is the actual adoption contract. The contract is called Retirement Contract.  To find adoption forms and applications please visit our resources page.

To find out what Cocker Spaniels are currently available for adoption please visit us on facebook or contact us here.