Can you donate to help these pets in need of medical care? These dogs need your donations to help correct and recovery. With your donations they are able to get the treatments they require and go on to live fulfilling and healthy, happy lives. Please consider making a tax-free donation to help support these beautiful animals.

Booker, a 4-year-old cocker-a-poo has no eyes and is in kidney failure. Booker lost both eyes due to a severe injury. He does just fine without his eyes, however Booker is in kidney failure.  He needs $50.00 worth of special prescription food to keep his kidneys functioning.

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Blondie, an 8-year-old buff Cocker Spaniel with many serious health issues. Blondie came to CSR as a stray. Her toenails were overgrown and fur was long straggly and matted. Much of her fur which wasn’t matted was missing. The following medications are monthly to maintain her health.

Blondie is on special medications for allergies called Cefpodoxime at a cost of $22.28; Bayril injection for her ears cost $24.00; Triz EDTA flush for her ears $19.44  Neo-Poly-Dex Opthalmic Drops for $16.50 for her eyes

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Mabel is an 8-year-old black Cocker Spaniel who has severe allergies that requires medication every month. Apoquel is $38.25

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Keeper is 9 years old. He is such a character. Even though he is mostly blind it doesn’t slow him down. He is like a bumper car as he bounces off one item and bumps into another one. CSR gave him a Halo for Paws to give him warning before he bumped into things, but he moves so quickly the Halo for Paws didn’t work.

Keeper needs to have a TECA for his other ear. Earlier in 2015 Keeper had one ear surgically repaired, now the other one needs to be sealed closed.

Keeper’s surgery is $1000.00.


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Maxwell has Lyme Disease and requires extensive medical care. He needs Heartgard monthly for the rest of his life. The cost is $108 per year.


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Levi-Al needs Optimmune twice a day for the rest of his life. The cost is

$40.00 per month or $480.00 per year plus Heartgard for 6 months. Sponsor Levi-Al for only $20.00 per month.

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